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Best green smoothie

Posted by Ben Viall on

Green Coconut water Smoothie Maybe you like green smoothies or maybe you don't but we feel fairly certain that even for people who typically don't...this super green coconut water smoothie will make believers out of you. There's something so creamy and delicious with the Avocado and sided up next to CoAqua coconut water good things happen.  Try it! You'll need 1 Can CoAqua Half an Avocado A decent hand full of Kale or Silverbeet or Spinach Half a Mango A Banana A few ice cubes Blend it

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A tale of a harrowing hour

Posted by grier govorko on

If you've ever wondered about sugar in soft drinks...wonder no more. Here's the delightful tale of sugar & how your body reacts to 10 teaspoons of it, which is about the amount in an average can of soda. After you read this post, you might want to reach for a fizzy water (any water!) rather than a soda. According to a report by Nutrition Research Center, here is what happens after drinking soda: The first 10 minutes: within 10 minutes after drinking sodas, 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system (100% more than the recommended daily sugar intake) and phosphoric acid cuts the overwhelming sweetness and that’s the only reason that you won’t throw up. Within 20 minutes: Your body will...

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