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Why CoAqua Coconut Water?

coconut water


Coconut water is truly one of nature’s gifts. It’s not a juice; we don’t squeeze the coconut or press it or anything like that.

This natural electrolyte filled water comes right out of the nut, already perfect! Natural sugars and minerals ready to replenish, rehydrate and revitalise. Low calories and no fats, what other beverage can say the same?  




The coconut tree is known as the ‘tree of life’ with good reason.


We know there are other coconut water’s out there ...hundred’s of them but we feel confident that CoAqua tastes better.

We know this because unlike most other brands, we actually did the hard yards all over South East Asia tasting, learning and sourcing the freshest, youngest, greenest coconuts we could find, and we believe we achieved that goal in Ben Tre’ - deep in the Mekong Delta of Southern Vietnam. A labyrinth waterways and literally billions of coconuts.

Coconut water is great by itself, after a workout or yoga session, it’s perfect in smoothies and for those who do, a fantastic mixer... Cocotails!

Coco’s Coconut Company is a New Zealand founded and owned enterprise that produces CoAqua in Vietnam and ships it all over the world. You’ll find us in amazing outlets like, The W hotel, Hong Kong, The Ritz Carlton, Shanghai, The edition hotel, Miami Beach ... and over 300 tier one cafe's and supermarkets in New Zealand.

And for you, we deliver directly to your home or business from right here online. All over New Zealand. If you have an address we'll get it to you.