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The Ultimate Sports Drink

It just makes sense to grab a CoAqua after smashing it out in the box or after a game of netball.

Loaded with 5 key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, coconut water enhances rehydration through replacement of intracellular water post-exercise naturally.

"I FOUND THE ONLY COCONUT WATER THAT ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD... "CoAqua... it is coconut water that you want to drink regardless of its health benefits—it just tastes good, fresh and sweet" @irinagrechko, Nylon Magazine, NYC


👉 Great for kids lunch boxes.

👉 Handy ultra quick hydrator after a sweaty gym sesh.

👉 Perfect base for your morning smoothie or juice

👉 Delicious low-sugar mixer. Great with gin, vodka or rum!

"LIFE'S TOO SHORT TO DRINK GROSS COCONUT WATER..." "... when it came to ranking the coconut waters (while still blindfolded), the clear winner overall for tasters was CoAqua. It has a unique, bold coconut flavor that’s also unusual, almost like caramelized or toasted coconut, and it’s incredibly refreshing" @dominomag


🌴 Naturally sweet but low in sugar, great for kids (& adults)

👍 Packed with potassium to help you re-energise

💪🏼 Rehydrate after exercise with no added sugars

👉 Smart serve size - no wastage of opened half drunk cartons

🚚 Fast delivery. Stop hauling heavy packs from the supermarket