Coconut water is truly one of nature’s gifts. This natural electrolyte filled water comes right out of the nut, already perfect! Natural sugars and minerals ready to replenish, rehydrate and revitalise – with low calories and no fats!

Millions of people living in the tropical belt have been drinking coconut water for more years than we can possibly count. Because they know that coconut water is good for you. The problem is that most packaged coconut waters taste, well, a bit “gross”.

Our mission at CoAqua is to bring you the best tasting premium 100% pure coconut water, packed in fully recyclable containers. We’ve traversed South East Asia – learning, tasting and sourcing the freshest, youngest, greenest coconuts we could find. And we believe we found the perfect source for CoAqua, deep in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. That’s why we reckon that CoAqua just tastes better.


 A naturally versatile drink: CoAqua is great by itself – after a workout, yoga session or as an afternoon pick-me-up instead of coffee. It’s a perfect smoothie base. Or try adding CoAqua to a shot of espresso for a Coconut Americano.

There’s more though. You don’t have to have done an F45 class or run a marathon to enjoy CoAqua. Why not mix it up? For those who do, CoAqua is a superb mixer. Try a hydrating margarita with tequila, lime and CoAqua. What about a CoAqua Mojito (either regular or virgin) or a dairy free Pina Colada? Or, when simpler is better – just add a splash of vodka.

CoAqua is packed in smart single serve 250mL cans for great taste with no waste. (Put a few in the fridge to chill as you need them.)

Get CoAqua today and try for yourself – it’s 100% pure great tasting sun sweetness from the tropics, as natural as the sunshine that made it.

Although, fair warning, you probably won’t want to drink mainstream coconut water again.