The 'tree of life'

As long as there have been people in SE Asia there have been coconut trees, lovingly known as the ‘tree of life’, another one of nature’s truly amazing gifts.

In certain regions it’s also has been called the “three generation tree” a deserved name considering a tree can produce coconuts for about 70 years. So the grandchildren are still reaping the benefits from that same tree their grandparents planted all the way back then.

Refreshing and nutrient packed coconut water for drinking, coconut oil for cooking as well as skin & hair care, fronds for roofing and wood for building, it’s a one stop shop right there on the beach. The gift that keeps on giving.

And what other tree can claim credit for having starred in countless numbers of postcards and vacation snapshots from happy travelers throughout time? It’s truly the essence of the tropics this, “tree of life”.

Source of coconut water

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