Bhana Brothers Serving CoAqua in Ponsonby

Everyone in Ponsonby knows the Bhana Brothers - Ponsonby's longest serving retailer. And now Bhana Bros sells coAqua. If you're in Ponsonby and in need of 100% pure coconut water hydration, drop by and pick up a bottle.

We dropped by to ask Prav a few questions about business & the community.

Hi Prav, how long have Bhana Brothers been in business?
We've been here for about 75 years.

Really? So what generation are you?
We took it over from our dad and uncle.

How many bothers are there?
There are four of us, only three of us work here. The other brother is a silent partner. The nephews and nieces don't want any part of it. 

Who is a Bhana Brothers customer? 
A lot of the locals from Ponsonby and also people from the outer suburbs, St Heliers, Remuera, North Shore. 

How have you seen Ponsonby change over the years?
Probably more in the last few years...Its getting a bit more like Newmarket. It's brought a lot of people into the area, a lot of eateries, lots of boutique so you get all sorts coming in. 

What's your biggest seller?
Top of the list is flowers, percentage-wise about 60% - 65% of our turnover is in flowers each week. 

What are the Bhana Brothers names? 
 Prav, Harry, Nan, Arvin. 

Cheers, Prav. Hope you sell lots of flowers and coAqua! 

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