Serving a Taste of the Tropics in Sunny Nelson

CoAqua coconut water

RICHMOND is located just east of Nelson in one of the most beautiful regions in New Zealand. The area is known as the sunniest place in NZ which is the ideal environment to serve refreshing, hydrating pure CoAqua coconut water. Francine at the Ginger cafe does just that, and we asked her all about it in the latest installment of our cafe series.

Hi Francine, what type of food do you serve at Ginger Cafe?
Our food is handmade fresh each day and brought to the cafe. We sell cabinet food and food displayed in beautiful glass domes. Our menu changes daily, depending on our customer requests, what's in season & whats on trend. We have gluten free & dairy free food options available plus a range of milks from soya, rice & almond milk

What can customers expect when they walk through the doors?
Here at Ginger customer service is high on our agenda as is our food & coffee. Ginger customers notice the attention to detail of our beautifully displayed food cabinet and clean upmarket cafe. A happy upbeat vibe and interaction with our customers is what makes us different from other cafes. 

Why Nelson?
Ginger was opened in the Richmond mall with perfect location at the main eastern entrance. With plenty of foot traffic & easy parking we give customers the opportunity for an upmarket place to stop.

What dish goes best with CoAqua? 
We find Coaqua sells best with our healthy lunch options like smoked chicken wraps, gluten free frittatas spinach, feta, sundried tomato & pine nut quiches.
What are customers saying about CoAqua?
Our customers love CoAqua for the fresh taste, makes a great mixer, nice summer drink and the health benefits of CoAqua. 

Cheers Francine, we'll be adding you to our road trip map coming soon. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out Ginger cafe on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  
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