How to Greet Guests at a Cocktail Party


Cocktails are making a comeback, especially with the ladies who are opting for delicious mixed drinks to help preserve health as well as hangover.  

In our cocotails series, we'll be taking you through cocktail party etiquette with tips and tricks on how to mingle like a pro. And with summer fast approaching, you'll soon be ready to throw your own cocotail soiree with confidence.

Here's a simple, fruity summer cocotail recipe to get you started. The refreshing quality of the Calada Italia make it ideal to serve to guests upon arrival. Don't forget to make a connection when introducing guests - to help make conversation easy between new acquaintances. For example, "Ann, this is Jono, I believe you both graduated Harvard Business School". Yup, It's really that easy.

Saluti! Love Coco x






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