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5 good reasons to drink coconut water

What's all this about coconut water?

You've heard murmurs. Friends talking. News articles...

Here are 5 good reasons you need coconut water in your life...

benefits of coconut water

1. Stay hydrated
That groggy, sluggish feeling could be due to not drinking enough fluid. Headaches? Nausea? Dehydration is not fun! Coconut water is naturally packed full of electrolytes which allow your body to stay hydrated. 

2. Beautiful looking skin & hair
Staying hydrated not only will have you feeling good, you’ll be looking good too. Being rich in natural vitamins and minerals, coconut water can bring you the benefits of clearer, brighter skin and healthier, shiny hair. 

3. Stress relief
Those fabulous electrolytes and vitamins also help in improving brain function, helping you remain focussed to get on with the task at hand. Vitamin B, found in coconut water can also help with improving your mood and boosting your energy levels.

4. Hangover be gone
Big night out? Heavy head? It happens. Coconut water is natures little helper when it comes to post booze malaise. Replenish those lost minerals, reboot those electrolyte stocks. 

5. No added sugar
You've probably been noticing more & more 'no-added sugar' options in the marketplace. Coconut water is the original 'no-added sugar' beverage. Think about this - coconuts are pre-made with just the right amount of sweetness. Nothing went in and nothing came out. A perfect little sphere of taste.


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