Note from a blue planet

Did anyone else see this video of Astronauts talking about the profound feeling of looking back at our planet from outer space?  The experience confirmed to them this concept of a great fragile interconnected system of which we're all a part, which without, nothing could survive.  It’s a remarkable video, the link is here.

It made me think more deeply about how I can make more effort in my everyday life to “not add to the problem”. The problem being, upsetting this fragile system.  Given that it’s enormous and incredibly complex  it’s daunting to think about how one might make an impact at all but I think it’s important to not get caught by the scale. Like Lao Tzu said, a journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step.

How Coco's is doing its bit

When we started Coco’s one of the first decisions we made was to use only glass bottles for our Coconut Water – not plastic. A tiny fraction of the plastic produced in the world is recycled so where does the rest of it end up?  We know the answer, in landfills or in the oceans. Does everyone know about “great pacific garbage patch”?

This is not to say that we’re perfect - by definition none of us are but we must start with some kind of intention. Ours was to not add to that garbage patch and once Coco’s succeeds we would commit to joining 1% for the planet . Take a look, it’s a great organization.

I'm happy someone shared that video with me yesterday, it got me thinking so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope that’s ok.

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