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Our favorite hotel in Bangkok

Cabochon rooftop

A hidden gem

Travel is part of the deal when you start a coconut water brand...popping into visit suppliers, dropping by to talk coconuts, bottles, caps, looking for inspiration. 

Bangkok is often on the itinerary, not just because it's perfectly located as a hub, not just because I lived there for a few years, not just because lots of friends to catch up with and not just because it truly is one giant gastronomic paradise but also because the wonderful Cabochon hotel is there.

It's easy to give props to the Cabochon -  it's located on the very short (walkable) Sukhumvit, Soi 45 (street), it's next to our friend's excellent restaurant Quince but mostly because it's unique, it's perfectly appointed, it's quiet and it's like walking into an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel which somehow was half set in Shanghai and half set in Paris but was put in Bangkok.  

Take in the balmy Bangkok night skies whilst sipping a G&T at the rooftop pool, eat in the awesomely good Thai restaurant or just relax on a couch in the library and drift into another time ... it's easy to do :)

If you've got a couple of days and you're passing through Bangkok, you have a penchant for elegant chic...you might find yourself loving the Cabochon like I do but make sure you book in advance - there are only four suites and four studios to choose from.

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