The three C's - CoAqua

The three C's

Cold. Coconut. Coffee

coconut water and coffee


Right, so it's hot outside or inside, you want coffee, you need caffeine but you don't want hot coffee on a hot day. Who does? Stop crying!

The people in the 'know', (you can soon consider yourself amongst them, at least by the end of this blog post) are already hip to the deep coconut/coffee combo. OMG it's good!

Here's the skinny. Make sure you have a bottle or can of CoAqua handy - (don't do this with that awful tasting tetra-pack coconut water) choose your favorite brand of cold coffee concentrate, pull some ice cubes from somewhere (no, not there) and grab a glass. You might also like a tiny little bit of orange, lemon or lime zest...depends how fancy you are or who you're trying to impress.

Anyway, pour enough coffee concentrate over ice in the glass to get you to your desired state and fill the remaining free space with CoAqua, add a little citrus zest to complete the magic. So now you're in the 'know':)

Sip and enjoy the sublime mixture of rehyrdating coconut water with the re-caffeinating coffee and smile.


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