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Beaches. BBQ's. Boats. Baches ...coconut water

In New Zealand, come summer ...we go to the beach. That's a true statement. A mass exodus from the major cities, everyone goes off to the coast. Well, with a coast like this one you'd be crazy not to. Many many miles of pristine beaches, inlets, waterfalls and places to discover or explore. Beaches, BBQ's. Boats. Baches. The four B's. What comes after B? Right. C and that's where we come in. Coconut water. If you can think of a more versatile drink designed for the beach we'll eat our hats. Don't know much about coconut water? Check out our FAQ's If you're looking to cover multiple bases here's six reasons why coconut water is the natural choice. Rehydration. Simple but true...it's hot...

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CoAqua, Lemongrass & Rum cooler

The folks over at homestyle magazine have created this fantastic summer-time drink along with Plantation rum and of course CoAqua coconut water. Here's how you do it. INGREDIENTS 250ml CoAqua - (can or bottle)250ml ginger beer60ml Plantation 3 star white rum60ml lemongrass simple syrupIceJuice of two limesLime slice to garnish Making the simple syrup 1 cup water1 cup sugar2 stems lemongrass (sliced in half) To make the lemongrass syrup, place the water and sugar in a saucepan, stir to dissolve the sugar and put on a low heat to simmer until liquid is completely clear. Remove from the heat and add the lemongrass stems and allow to cool. Transfer to a glass jar and refrigerate overnight and let the lemongrass steep into...

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The three C's

Cold. Coconut. Coffee   Right, so it's hot outside or inside, you want coffee, you need caffeine but you don't want hot coffee on a hot day. Who does? Stop crying! The people in the 'know', (you can soon consider yourself amongst them, at least by the end of this blog post) are already hip to the deep coconut/coffee combo. OMG it's good! Here's the skinny. Make sure you have a bottle or can of CoAqua handy - (don't do this with that awful tasting tetra-pack coconut water) choose your favorite brand of cold coffee concentrate, pull some ice cubes from somewhere (no, not there) and grab a glass. You might also like a tiny little bit of orange, lemon or lime...

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Our favorite hotel in Bangkok

A hidden gem Travel is part of the deal when you start a coconut water brand...popping into visit suppliers, dropping by to talk coconuts, bottles, caps, looking for inspiration.  Bangkok is often on the itinerary, not just because it's perfectly located as a hub, not just because I lived there for a few years, not just because lots of friends to catch up with and not just because it truly is one giant gastronomic paradise but also because the wonderful Cabochon hotel is there. It's easy to give props to the Cabochon -  it's located on the very short (walkable) Sukhumvit, Soi 45 (street), it's next to our friend's excellent restaurant Quince but mostly because it's unique, it's perfectly appointed,...

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Carne Asada & Coconut water

Coconut water food pairing #1 If you've ever wanted the perfect union of taste, complimentary sensations and pure mouth bliss, then chill your CoAqua down to 4 degrees while you start working on making fresh corn tortillas for your Carne Asada tacos. Mexican food and coconut water is a food pairing which you might just want to make all summer long. It's not a secret we want to keep from anyone :) in fact it's a weekly occurrence around here so we thought we'd share. The mixture of cool refreshing coconut water and Carne Asads tacos will float anyone's boat. You'll want to make your own fresh corn tortillas, the store bought variety are not in the same universe, believe...

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